tourist attractions in sárvár

tourist attractions in sárvár

This town is the 7th most popular localities in Hungary, which can be first of all attributed to its spa and wellness centre.

Spa and wellness center in sárvár

The Sárvár spa and wellness centre is one of the most popular spas in Hungary.

In 1961, oil explorers found a valuable treasure under the ground: thermal water, which was exploited by building a small sized thermal spa in 1968. Since December 1, 2002 the new spa and wellness facility offers state-of-the-art services for people who wish to recover and relax. Since 2004, Sárvár has become member of the Association for European Royal Spa Towns.

Thermal water is first of all useful for locomotory complaints and gynaecological issues.

Among thermal pools there are also open-air warm water pools available, which are operated during winter, too. It is a special experience to bath in the smoky, healing thermal water in a cold winter weather.

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Sárvár Spa welcomes even three generations of families. We at Dental Home also welcome even families for a vacation combined with a complete dental evaluation and treatment.


Nádasdy Castle, Nádasdy Ferenc Museum

The Nádasdy Castle and Nádasdy Ferenc Museum located in the centre of Sárvár is one of the most preserved castles in Hungary.

The gate of the castle (presently in a Renaissance form) can be reached through a long bridge. Its size gives us an idea of how wide the moat – drained in the early 19th century – could be. The hallway below the gate-tower is decorated with late Gothic seat niches. At the ground floor of the oldest East wing still built by Nádasdy, a famously beautiful wedding hall was created.
The oldest walls of Nádasdy Castle are from the 13th century; constructions by the Kanizsai family and by the Nádasdys were done in the 14th century and between 1552 and 1615, respectively. The recent form of the pentagonal castle surrounding the inner courtyard and of the also pentagonal protective structure with corner towers, built around it evolved during this period. Nádasdy Tamás and his descendants not only fortified, but also embellished Sárvár in the 16–17th century: rooms satisfying even luxury demands were created in the castle, within the compact outer walls built first of all against artillery attacks.

Nádasdy Tamás also founded a school and a press in 1534 and 1537, respectively. At this press was printed the first Hungarian Grammar book in Latin by János Sylvester (in 1539) and the translation of the New Testament (1541), which was the first press product in Hungarian language in our country.

The magnificent saloon is the most beautiful part of the castle: battle pictures painted on its vaulted ceiling proclaim the bravery of the owner (Works by Hans Rudolf Müller of Vienna from1653, the first Hungarian historical painting series), while its side walls are decorated with biblical oil painting by Dorffmeister.
Owing to its continuous renovation, the castle’s condition has been improving day by day; nowadays it accommodates a museum with collections presenting the gentry family, Hungarian Hussars, Hungarian cartography, industrial relics and the history of the town.

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Sárvár Arboretum

Antal Nábicht employed at the Bavarian prince’s estate (early 19th century) has planted sycamore trees in the 16 acres garden located on the banks of the Gyöngyös creek, while also keeping the trees living there at that time.

Today more than 350 tree and shrub species are living around the pound obtained by damming up the creek. The “gardener garden” established by Orsolya Kanizsai is considered to be the predecessor of this park; owing to Tamás Nádasdy, even the imperial court in Vienna could enjoy the crops of that garden.

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Sárvár Adventure park

In the forest belt behind the Sárvár Spa’s waterslides you can find the Sárvár Adventure Park, which offers recreation both for children and adults. Skilled animators and quality equipment ensure your safe recreation. Visitors are awaited by a ropeway with 120 stations, a 10-meter-high one-way climbing wall, climbing trees with manoeuvre paths, archery, air rifle shooting, goldsmithing, educational paths, playgrounds and many more interesting programs.

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Horse riding – Riding training

There are multiple options in Sárvár for horse riding. We recommend you the “Vadkert” farm, where we offer full horse services. Riding training is available from beginners’ level. A four-seasons horse racing track of European quality is also available here.

Horse services at “Vadkert” farm::
• Beginner and advanced level riding training with professional trainers
• Riding training for children (from the age of 5 years)
• Training with lunge rein
• Horse-drawn carriage/sleigh ride
• Horse shows and show jumping tournaments
• Wedding carriage service
• Carriage for festive occasions and events

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Fishing – Boating lake

The boating lake is located close to the Thermal Spa. The lake of 9 acre consisting of 4 parts offers leisure opportunities throughout the year.

You can walk around almost the whole lake system, since islands are linked by bridges.

The lake is a popular place for boating in summer, while in winter it offers fun for skating lovers. Around the lake you can find running paths and playgrounds, and besides this, the lake is suitable for water bird watching and fishing, as well.

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